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Our investment approach

Our investment strategy is primary targets an entertainment market and real estate development. We concentrate our efforts on Ukraine and Russia, the countries we are well familiar with. The company believes that they are still undervalued and have a higher growth potential compared to some other peers. IRB is able to sustain the good control over its assets through the employment of a good management team.

In making its investment decisions IRB Holding AG weights the risk and return for each project. Our past experience on the CIS market gives us a competitive advantage. Below listed some of our core objectives that help us to achieve a remarkable performance:

  • We seek returns through capital appreciation and debt financing. The company secures an adequate return on equity and debt capital by investing in financially sound projects.
  • IRB invests in companies with a proven strong and reliable local management
  • IRB invests in companies with significant growth which is possible due to either offering the market sought-after products or businesses that should benefit from streamlining of its operations.
  • The company makes investment decisions after the consensus is reached among its co-owners and all involved parties.
  • The company believes in disciplined and consistent investment process.